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Northwest Autism Center serves the Inland Northwest, providing updated information and individualized support to families experiencing the lifelong journey of autism spectrum disorder. Relevant information is compiled from local, state and national resources addressing issues including diagnosis, adolescent/adult transitions, special education services, news stories, and current research. Information on local events is regularly shared with our ever-growing data base of over 3900 families. Family and adult consultations are offered via telehealth, in-person, or by phone.

The Community Outreach team provides information and referral services and exists as a common access point for members of the community and surrounding region seeking direct services, support, education, consultation and advocacy related to autism spectrum disorder. 

We seek to provide or facilitate access to family-to-family support through:

  • Listening to concerns and sharing experiences
  • Modeling and coaching healthy coping strategies
  • Helping families identify available community services, treatment services and access to health insurance coverage
  • Providing guidance in navigating the education system
  • Building family knowledge and advocacy skills

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