Health Care for Individuals with Autism

Autism is a chronic medial condition.  For diagnosis and treatment of individuals with autism spectrum disorders we greatly rely upon the holden_drumsdiligence and expertise of the mental health and health care community — those researchers, teachers, practitioners, clinicians, therapists and other health professionals dedicated to improving the lives of individuals living with autism and their families.  As symptoms of autism appear in our children, we depend upon family and primary care physicians, pediatricians, and other related medical professionals to help us discern and respond in timely and appropriate ways, and to provide a medical home from which to navigate the complex  and sometimes confusing network of services we need to access for a child or loved one.

Even with the promise of health care reform in the US, appropriate health care for both children and adults with autism is not always available or accessible.  Obstacles to care include insufficient provider capacity and cost.


If you are currently enrolled in one of the five Washington State managed care plans, and are working to pursue coverage for diagnosis and ABA treatment services, contact the:

Washington State Health Care Authority