Washington State’s ABLE program is open now!

What are ABLE Accounts?

“Washington State’s Legislature created the ABLE program after passage of the federal ABLE Act in 2014. Washington’s ABLE program will open life-improving opportunities for persons with disabilities and their families. ABLE accounts will increase self-sufficiency and help to lessen poverty among persons with disabilities in our community.
ABLE accounts will allow persons with disabilities, their family members and friends the ability to contribute up to $14,000 per year. Provided they are used for a qualifying disability expense, the account contributions, earnings and withdrawals are tax-free.” – Washington State DOC Disabilities Workgroup

Check out the ABLE Program Fact sheet here… Washington ABLE Fact Sheet

For more information about Washington’s program, follow the link to the Department of Commerce’s Disabilities Workgroup.

Step-by-step information about ABLE accounts available here: The Road Map to Enrollment

Information about Washington State’s ABLE Program: WA ABLE Website