The following information is provided as an aggregated advocacy resource page.

Developmental Disabilities Council

Disability Rights of Washington

DSHS Legal Planning

Northwest Justice Project
(call “Clear” directly for income eligible representation)

Office of the Education Ombudsman

OEO is committed to strengthening school and family partnerships throughout Washington State and helping improve the academic success of all students.

People First of Washington

Self advocacy group

Sound Options Group

Sound Options Group provides IEP Meeting Facilitation upon the request of parents or the school district at no cost.
They work to make sure that all team members have a voice and participate in the process and to assist the IEP team to reach decisions about a student’s progress.


Advocacy for Youth.  TeamChild is a unique partnership between legal services and public defender organizations.  TeamChild works with schools, social workers, probation officers, juvenile court judges and others to help youth get the support they need to succeed.  TeamChild provides legal assistance and advocacy to young people in the juvenile justice system to help them receive their basic rights to education, health care and other social services.

Washington Attorney Referral Service and Northwest Justice Project

Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy  (WAAA)
is a grass roots state-wide coalition of families with children affected by an autism spectrum disorder. Our mission is to create positive change to appropriately support our children through advocacy and new legislation.Click here for website.

Washington State Client Assistance Program

Parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys go to Wrightslaw for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. Two books that are helpful for parents to understand special education law are:  Emotions to Advocacy, and Special Education Law.