Improving community support and connection through partnerships, education, and awareness.

Virtually everyone is aware of the staggering increase in the diagnosis of autism over the past decade; the Center for Disease Control reports a prevalence of 1 in 59 children, 1 in 38 for boys (CDC 2014). Using the CDC prevalence rate it is estimated more than 28,000 children in Washington State are living with autism (see the US. Census).

Northwest Autism Center is committed to providing information, awareness, education, and training to build our community’s capacity and competency in providing services and access for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Community based training and activities assist in the creation and coordination of a broad array of services helping to create an integrated system that advocates for, and cares for, some of our community’s most vulnerable citizens. With an integrated and unified voice, we can achieve the ultimate goal of creating an atmosphere capable of changing how our society perceives and includes individuals with unique needs.

Northwest Autism Center provides information on a range of topics incorporating varying levels of specificity to meet your needs and goals. Whether your business, organization or agency wants to have a basic understanding of autism or in-depth training to provide access and services, Northwest Autism Center can accommodate. Requests for trainings or informational events will include a preliminary consultation to ensure topic, objectives and presentation delivery is tailored to meet desired outcomes.