Providing and building evidence based direct treatment services for individuals and families.

Northwest Autism Center is a Behavioral Health Agency licensed by the Department of Health (DOH). NAC adheres to Washington Administration Codes (WAC’s) regulating the assessment and delivery of ABA treatment services.

Early Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment Clinic

In response to Washington State’s Health Care Authority (HCA) implementation of coverage for ABA treatment of autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities, Northwest Autism Center launched one of the first Early Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment Clinics for young children in January 2014. Since that time, NAC has opened three additional Intensive Clinics which are accessible to children currently enrolled in one of the five Washington State managed care plans.

Agency-approved intensive ABA treatment clinics provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary services to young children with autism spectrum and related conditions. These clinics follow guidelines created by a group of experts and adopted by the WA State Health Care Authority (HCA) in 2014. As of October 2015 Northwest Autism Center is the only site providing this comprehensive and intensive treatment in Eastern Washington.

Clinic sessions are Monday through Thursday, three hours per day and provided for a course of 48 treatment days per child. Research and evidence-based treatment is developed, coordinated and supervised by a DOH licensed behavior analyst (LABA/LBA/LBAT).

Clinic components include:

  • comprehensive review of records, assessment, and individualized service plan prior to initiating services.
  • a minimum of three hours per week of caregiver education and training.
  • comprehensive care coordination.
  • speech and language services.
  • 1:1 intensive ABA based treatment from a DOH registered certified behavior technician (CBT).
  • daily data collection, analysis and program modification.
  • extensive transition and discharge planning.