Community Involvement

Northwest Autism Center is committed to fostering a sense of community for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities and their families.

On a day-to-day basis, our dedicated community outreach team provides information and referral services and exists as a common access point for members of the community and surrounding region seeking direct services, support, education, consultation and advocacy related to autism spectrum disorder. 

We seek to provide or facilitate access to family-to-family support through:

  • Listening to concerns and sharing experiences
  • Modeling and coaching healthy coping strategies
  • Helping families identify available community services, treatment services and access to health insurance coverage
  • Providing guidance in navigating the education system
  • Building family knowledge and advocacy skills

Throughout the year we also sponsor key events to raise awareness of these valued members of our community, support individuals and families affected by autism and raise funds and resources to support them. If you’d like to get involved, check out the opportunities below!

Steps for Autism

Nearly a decade ago, a parent whose child and family had received services and support through Northwest Autism Center envisioned a way to demonstrate her appreciation and share it with the larger community.  She worked with NAC to spearhead the first Steps for Autism to foster a sense of community. The event was so well received by families, NAC became committed to elevating Steps for Autism to a truly inclusive event and reached out to sibling organizations in Spokane to participate in and expand its annual launching.  All proceeds from the event benefit the Northwest Autism Center and the Autism Society of Washington. Visit our website to learn more about this fun-filled family event and get involved!

Giving Tree

The Annual Giving Tree is an opportunity to bring the joy of Christmas to those living in residential homes in our community.

We work with local agencies contracted with the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) to identify the wishes and needs of these valued members of our community. 

With the help and support of the community, Northwest Autism Center provided over 1,000 gifts to adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities living in residential homes the past three seasons.

Learn more by visiting the Giving Tree website! 

Fostering a sense of community

Mayor’s Proclamation

Each year Spokane’s Mayor issues proclamations and other ceremonial documents regarding topics of local, regional or national concern involving the community. During Autism Awareness Month, Northwest Autism Center joins hands with Spokane’s Autism Society of Washington, The Isaac Foundation and our other local community agencies to take part in the Mayoral Proclamation. This proclamation is issued to encourage all citizens to recognize and join hands improving the quality of life of people with autism spectrum disorder and to foster a sense of community.

Community Memberships and participation

Comprised of a team of experts who work directly with school district teams to increase evidence-based interventions and instructional practices with a focus on applied behavior analysis. Our experts develop individualized education plans for each student

Awarded $250k to support our work with Spokane Public Schools. This community-based organization grant is being used to support student learning, recovery and acceleration with some of the most at-risk and vulnerable students. With this grant we are providing our services within the classroom setting, supporting educators in meeting the behavioral health need and challenges of students.

Since 2012, Northwest Autism Center equips P-12 school systems with expertise, training, consultation and coaching, building our public education system’s capacity and competencies in providing education and services for children with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities.
Partnerships with region-wide public-school systems throughout the past decade include: Cheney, LaCrosse, Garfield/Palouse, East Valley, Inchelium and Mary Walker. During the 2021-2022 school year, more than 1,754 hours of behavioral therapy services were provided to teachers and students based in Medical Lake, Spokane and Pullman Public School systems, achieving results through:

  • Being active participants in five local elementary schools
  • Supporting 30 classroom and therapeutic staff members
  • Significantly reducing the intensity of supporting staff needed per child, thereby improving integration into the classroom and group activities.
  • Providing regular functional communication trainings for educators.

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