Skills & Recreation Center

Specialized and adaptive recreational activities for individuals with disabilities

Providing a safe and inclusive environment with educational opportunities for diverse populations through engagement in leisurely activities that promote functional and meaningful life skills and foster self-confidence, autonomy, dignity, respect and agency, while minimizing barriers.

This program is a community-facing program at Northwest Autism Center which focuses on creating meaningful learning opportunities with lowest possible barriers to engagement. Each program will have individualized topic, target skills, and activities, and have requirements and recommended pre-requisite skills to be learned prior to program. Some examples of skills to target could include teamwork, problem solving, turn taking, and life skills.


Monthly activities include:

  • First Wednesday: Karaoke and Just Dance
  • Second Wednesday: Lego free build with optional prompt
  • Third Wednesday: Bingo
  • Fourth Wednesday: Mario games

*Different monthly activities not listed here may be rotated in depending on participant interest and requests.


Eligibility requirements:

  • Able to provide individual personal support as needed. This will be determined through discussion and evaluation with staff of the support a participant typically requires in similar circumstances.
  • Must be medically stable and able to take personal medications as pre-determined by providers. Due to WAC requirements staff are unable to assist with personal medications.
  • Must be physically and cognitively be appropriate for group signing up for, and able to meet any additional program specific requirements based on goals of that program

Sign-up process

  • If it’s your first time attending one of our sessions, you’ll need to fill out one of our intake forms before signing up for a session 
  • To fill out the intake form and to see our upcoming events, simply click the button below to get started

Monthly meetings at our north location: 8512 N Wall St Spokane, WA 99208

Karaoke & Just Dance

Karaoke & Just Dance night: a night full of music! While signing in participants can vote on which activity to start with, with a plan of switching the second activity halfway through. For the karaoke portion of the evening we have a large variety on songs for participants to choose from through the KaraFun app. It may be helpful to pick a few songs ahead of time to help the decision-making process. While getting Just Dance set up, participants will be given a list of songs available to make their selections, and if interested can get teamed up with peers! If interested the list of Just Dance songs can be provided ahead of time.

LEGO night

A night of building! Participants will be provided with a large LEGO creative set and organizing trays, with the option of building together or individually. Each week there will be an optional theme prompt to help get the creative juices flowing, and if interested participants can vote on a large project to complete together over a number of sessions. .

Bingo night

A night of numbers! Participants will be provided with large bingo sheets and markers, and each table will be set up with voice output buttons to assist as needed. The lead will call out the numbers, which will be shown as well. While seated, participants will have access to various fidgets and movement adapted seated to assist with focusing and engagement. There will be a movement break during the program, and an optional secondary activity if participants are interested in a change of topic.

mario, yoschi, characters-1557251.jpg

Mario games night

A night full of games! While signing in participants can vote to start with MarioKart or Super Mario Bros, with a plan of switching the second activity halfway through. If there are >4 participants those waiting will have access to various sensory equipment to help pass the time until their turn.