Mission And Vision

Autism is not experienced solely by an individual; it is experienced by a family, and a community as a whole.

How the world is perceived and how it is understood can be significantly altered through the experience of autism; certainly for the individual and  for those caring for, living with, and befriending someone who has  autism.  The network of humanity in which we live is called to respond in ways both practical and philosophical.  What can we learn from seeing the world differently?  What can we offer in return?  Northwest Autism Center uses both of these questions in guiding its utilization of resources.   Services provide opportunities for us to learn about autism’s impact on the individual and the community in which we navigate.  Services simultaneously provide opportunities for us to offer evidence based treatment, consultation and direct services.

We have all heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”.  For our community’s network of response and interaction to nurture, educate, and care effectively for those living with autism spectrum disorder, we are invited to re-evaluate our collective approach to conventional standards of operating – and to seek a new way of ‘doing things’.   Northwest Autism Center service provision and development is at its core both interactive and evidence based.  The services we offer are focused on impacting  systems (e.g., education, healthcare, mental health, emergency services, etc…) that all of us need in our daily lives, but may often be challenging to effectively access for the individual living with autism.   The puzzle image reflects Northwest Autism Center’s dedication to an integrated approach to serving the individual, the community in which the individual lives, the competency and capacity across professions, and the improvement in policy across systems locally and within our state.


Building a strong network of support

Autism is a world-wide health concern, but the real challenges occur at home, in our families, schools and neighborhoods.  Formed in 2003, Northwest Autism Center exists to build, facilitate, and coordinate comprehensive services for those with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities through the lifespan, using community-based approaches. 


Promoting the worth of every individual 

Each individual with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities living in the Inland Northwest will have access to early diagnosis and treatment; best practices in public education and healthcare; and the social supports necessary for optimal personal growth and the fullest level of participation within family and community

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