Community Based Services

At Northwest Autism Center, our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts provide individualized treatment plans for those with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities through the lifespan. This is achieved through a collaborative approach with the family through both in-home services and clinical support to ensure these individuals can be successfully integrated into real-life scenarios.

We know many parents desire consistency and that their loved ones are safe at home, in the community and interacting with others. By bringing ABA services in-home, we are able to work in a natural environment, encourage parental involvement and integrate our services into daily living. Through this approach our goal is to achieve independence for individuals with autism in variety of settings (i.e. the park, a store, at home).

Services include:

  • Licensed Behavior Analysts, Assistant Behavior Analysts, and Certified Behavior Technicians with the Department of Health
  • Working together with the family in a collaborative approach to provide adequate educational resources and support to all care providers Engagement in regular community-based activities
  • Development of in-home routines (i.e. chores, sibling interaction, schoolwork)
  • Parental training and goal setting
  • Regular review of treatment goals
  • Collaboration with other service providers such as speech and occupational therapies to assist with coordination of care

We accept both public and private insurance.

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